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Ipercarni S.r.l. (RM)


Az. Agr. Biavati (PG)
Az. Agr. F.lli Biancucci (RI)
Ben. Pi. Carni S.r.l. (RM)
Carvin S.r.l. (RM)
C. C. C. (Centro Confezionamento Carni) (RM)
Comal S.r.l. (RM)
Eurocarni S.r.l. (ME)
F.lli Stelliferi (LT)
Fontebona S.n.c. (RI)
Frigocarni S.r.l. (RM)
G. F. Commercio Carni S.p.a. (RM)
Ipercarni S.r.l. (RM)
Lobecar S.p.a. (RM)
Maiorana Maggiorino S.p.a. (RM)
Onda Blu S.r.l. (VT)
Salumificio Battisti S.r.l. (PG)
Salumificio Cornicchia (PG)
Santa Marta S.r.l. (VT)
Tiburzi Carni & C. S.a.s. (PG)
Tor Cervara (RM)
Vilcar S.r.l. (RM)

Projecting and Construction ex-novo (according to CEE regulations in force): Meat Processing and Packaging Plant.

Works carried out:
  • Construction and Infrastructure Testing
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Thermal Systems
  • Auxiliary Systems (Centralized Wash System, Compressed Air)
  • Light Construction (Meat Area Materials Handling)
  • Workroom Set Up (professional Equipment Supplied)

Red Meat Cold Room

Red Meat Cold Room

Red Meat Porcessing Workroom

Cold Cuts Portioning & Tray Packaging Workroom

Fresh Sausages Workroom

Detail of Red Meat Portioning

Detail of Red Meat Packaging

Cold Cuts Portioning & Tray Packaging Workroom

Detail of Blast Chiller – Meat Cutting Phase Preparation

Detail of Loading/Unloading Platform – External View

Detail of Main Electrical Panels of a Department

Detail of Sanitization Workplace – Meat Processing Staff


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