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Cold rooms
The entire range of refrigerating cabinets refers to “EKOMI” model, structurally stable and unalterable in time. Materials employed are studied to prevent odor absorbing, parasites nesting and fungi and moulds development.

“EKOMI” cabinets are made of modular panels of variable width (400 - 600 - 800 - 1000 - 1200 mm) and thickness (70 - 100 mm) combined with angular panels (270 - 300 mm). Panels are locked from inside by means of eccentric pivoting hooks. Rollaway floor- and ceiling-panels are joint along the internal perimeter by means of a sanitary plastic profile. Modular cold rooms can be disassembled, enlarged or reduced, and re-assembled without deterioration of the single units.

Paneling – Standard wall panel combines insulation with galvanized stainless steel coating, pre-painted, nontoxic and approved by the Board of Hygiene & Prophylaxis (AISI 304 stainless steel or other finish on request).

Two galvanized steel layers are used for the outer coating of ceiling-panel, while the internal part is made of AISI 304 stainless steel antiskid treated.  
Adequate reinforcement guarantees a loading capacity of 400 kg/m² evenly distributed. Extra reinforcements for higher loading are available on request.

Insulation – Insulation is provided by an injection of rigid polyurethane foam (PUR) characterized by the following physical properties:

Transmission coefficient K (kcal/h x m² x °C) THK 70 mm 0,26
THK 100 mm 0,19
Density (kg/m³) 36÷42
Percentage of closed cells
Self-extinguishment -60:+80°C
Permeability (vapour test 30-60 gm/m³ - 24hrs - r.h. 23% and 85%) as per ASTM standard 1692 D



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